Friday, January 20, 2012

Have just finished my first dress for the Stall to raise money for my friend Jenny who is part of  C.O.A.T. or Chinese Orphans Assistance Team.  She runs Eagle Wings 5 which is the building for the babies who need help or operations.  Most of the babies have Cleft Palate, and need special feeding bottles etc until they are old enough and have enough weight to have their operation.  Once they have their operation and it is successful, they are ready to go for Adoption to their Forever Family.

You can look up the site on this address:
 "I raised you up on eagles' wings and brought you to myself" Ex 19:4b

HI all
Meet Ab Bi...Abbey...who is one of the babies in EW5. She has cleft problems of course but is now able to have surgery...she is the right age & weight.. so it is being organised. Ab Bi is such a happy little thing & I loved her the moment I saw her...this instinct to protect & care for these little ones is overpowering in me & I pray that she will be with her forever family by her first birthday.  It will be wonderful to hold her in my arms in 9 weeks time.

Love to you all


  1. Hi Elaine, lovely dress & what a precious little baby! Keep up the good work! Love, Catherine

  2. Thanks Catherine, and isn't she lovely? She will be even better when she has the operation.