Friday, October 21, 2011


I think I told quite a while ago that I had totally gone off doing anything crafty for about 6 months or so.  Well on the weekend, I went into my craft room and cut out 2 Cottage Aprons with some of the money I got for my Birthday, frills, pockets, ties everything.  That took about 4 hours or so.  Then I thought, that is enough for today so I closed the door and left.  On Tuesday I went in again and started sewing.  I sewed the darts, then sewed on the piping.  Then, I practised with my new Ruffler Foot (after watching a video to make sure I knew what I was doing), and it turned out really well.  So then I used it for the ruffling on the bottom of the apron (see photo) one before attaching, one attached, and I am so happy with it.  Haven't got back to it yet as I had Bible Study yesterday had lots of other places to go while in town, and today my friend who has just got back from a holiday on Norfolk Island came for a visit and she stayed for lunch and only just left.
The other photo is the last present I bought with my birthday money.  It is a panel with 4 different birds.  Aussie ladies,have you heard about Van Cooten's at Howard?  It is a shop that still has stuff from years and years ago, as well as dress material and quilting material and all sorts of stuff, all crushed into one tiny little shop, you have to walk sideways to get down the aisles.  I just loved that material when I saw it.  Not sure what I am going to make with it, the lady in the shop cut it into four and made 4 cushion covers, but I am not that into cushions.   Maybe will make a wall hanging, or something, any suggestions?

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