Thursday, January 20, 2011

Huggles for Kids Flood Appeal

My online Craft Group are making softies for Kids who have lost their Huggles, click on Percy the Pig and it will take you to Stitch Selection Blog Spot.  You can send you completed softies to her or to find out where to send them in your state.



  1. Hello, Elaine,
    My goodness your country has certainly suffered a devastating flood. I have seen the pictures on the news. I am so thankful your daughter and family have survived. I know it must be so difficult to have to start all over again. I am thinking about you, my friend, and your fellow country men and women and praying that the rains will subside and recovery can begin. God is always the God of a second chance, a start to begin anew. Thank you so much for coming by to visit me. Have a good week~love and hugs to you~Vicki

  2. Thanks Elaine for your comment. I'm spreading the voice for your mission. I'm very sorry to be far.
    Mad About Pink (Jess)

  3. Vicki and Jess. I am so sorry I hadn't read your comments before this, I haven't had a good year this year and have neglected my blog until now. Thank you very much for your comments, I have posted a comment about my inabilty to sew for a while and how I have started again. I also posted about how Amy's house is progressing, I hope you will read it. Please forgive me for leaving it so long.