Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another dress, and another 2 Pillowcases.

Hope you like them.


  1. Elaine, you're marvellous! Tried Abbys dress on her today. She loves it! Have done the back of a jumper past underarms. Started 3 days ago.Also mended son-in-laws shorts, done some cross-stitch & bought some material to make Paige a lingerie Bag.Love, Catherine.

  2. Would you be able to post a photo on email for me, I would love to see Abby's Dress. You are doing well with the knitting, good work. You are doing well on the Craft work aren't you?

    1. I have to take a photo of Abby with it on as I forgot to take a photo, but I'm going to get Alex to show me how to scan a photo & email it to you. I have photos of the Cot Quilt & Pillow Sham,so he said he will show me this afternoon.The dress should fit her for awhile as it's a bit roomy & long enough & I can also add to the bottom when she gets taller.Take care. Love, Catherine.

  3. Thanks Catherine, I can't wait to see it.